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Should I dump my girlfriend/boyfriend before they dump me?
Am I wasting my parent’s money getting a degree in 4th World Studies?
Is it time to take my revenge against all those fools who don’t believe in me?
Am I really the frigid, prude my girlfriend/boyfriend thinks I am?
Would I be happier if I were better looking and had a whole crock pot full of money?
Should I drop out, tune in and turn on?
How do I know if I’m wasting money in college on stupid classes?
Is inner beauty more attractive than a super hottie with an itch for you?
Is Christianity, as it is practiced today, true to the original meaning that its founder intended?
Am I wasting my time loafing on the web when I could be living a real life?
What’s up with the Man telling us we have to buy $50 light bulbs?
Is all fair in love and war?
Is there any difference between a black hole, a white hole, a yellow hole, a brown hole, or a red hole?
Is our government dysfunctional?
Hey, I thought the Left hated it when we whacked foreign leaders and assassinated people without a trial.  What up?
Your Inquiry Here
Your Inquiry Here
Your Inquiry Here
Is the news media biased?  If so,why?
What political and economic system is the best?
What does being your brother’s keeper mean when living in an out- of-control welfare state?
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