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I always wondered how they used to dress in reform school back then.  I guess this type of book appealed to all those guys who daydreamed about mastering the domains of these easy chicks.  What were these, these females  up to?  Just what did these gorgeous twisted sisters really want in a man (or sometimes another fantasy kooch)?  The dropped out of school and pumping gas for a buck and a quarter an hour crowd probably needed something to take their minds off their lives.
Whether you’re looking for just the right statement in your bedroom or filling up your game room with fun art, take a gander at these oldie pulp fiction covers.
And, yes, ah, yes, our little Mary Jane smoker.  I never ran into a randy little doper like the hoodoo pictured in my younger days.  I suspect some real copy of her probably could rarely be found, then and now.  But the girls pictured (like all of the art of the pulp book cover) were model perfect females in the most sluttish, most degrading, and most titillating scenes that could be dreamed up and pass muster in the family drugstore.  After all, the publishers were basically skirting the pornography laws of the times, showing as much as they could get away without having the corner pill pusher refuse to put them on the racks.  The polite people turned up their noses, not even having an inkling that the written word was ten times more lurid and shameful.  How times have changed.  There was a time when reading this kind of rubbish would reflect very poorly on one’s character.  Now this kind of junk is on boob tube during prime time, breakfast time, anytime.  But do the TV stories you see match up?  Probably not.  Where are are the Felice Swados’s and N. R. DeMexico’s these days?  Writing for Fox?  I don’t think so.

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Gifts, Etc.
How cheap?  Looks like about 35 cents to me.  Back in the early to mid 60’s this could buy you a pack of smokes, or a burger and fries, a round of Pepsi’s for you and two of your friends, an hour of shooting pool, or a gallon of gas to get you into a drive-in movie.

Try and figure out what is going on with this cover.  You’re got two women taking off or putting on clothes in a dressing area (see the rack of outfits behind them), with two men in suits in the next room seemingly waiting for them to come out.  Does this make sense with or without the book’s title?  The girls do look happy.  Are they being bought off with clothes?  I don’t know if this would make them cheap, however.  Good clothes were fairly expensive back then.  Usually a meal and a few drinks could turn the trick.
Trying to be good my eye!  By hanging around a bus stop in that tight sweater?  No way sis, no freakin’ way.  We know what a sinner’s game you’re playing here.
But wait!  It gets worse!  Shockingly worse!
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